Thursday, August 21, 2014



No no no I say it emphatically to the pumpkin beer
in mid-August appearing in the grocery store
It isn’t fall yet but it will be If the calendar
could just hold still There are those of us
trying to take its picture but all we get is a blur
It seems strange that August 1 2014 has already
ended Seven of the months have toppled over
We accept this but on delay Instead of feeling
one age or another we start to memorize the year
we were born We remember a number and sing it
inside our face Accidentally we have slipped
a past season in with the current one On occasion
it has been December for half a year On occasion
we have wanted the death of leaves back
in summer Beneath the palm trees a root cellar
awaits Screw the hourglass No wait unscrew it
and take a swig

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Moves

The Moves

Beautiful hand so full of bones
and gestures When I think of all the things
and people you have touched
it overwhelms me

It is eerie how in our love
we just know what to do

The spaces between fingers on your hand
are for other fingers
My fingers

When we tangle our hands
we carry each other
through this

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



The tree becomes a shelter
for its own fallen limbs
One reclines in the shade flapping a leaf
in greeting

When I was in high school I thought
that the best dates happened
in parks like this one

and in this park specifically

with its groundskeeper’s cottage at its center

The park participates in the illusion
that love constructs an instant privacy

and you can think
All of this is ours
Everyone in the park can think this

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Wild Enough

Just Wild Enough

The unmown grass a green ocean splashing
up around you
as if you weren’t even there

The sun and rain have pulled the high tide
from these fields each week

These are blankets yanked by the beloved
asleep beside us

Each week we take part of what stirs

Friday, August 15, 2014

Katherine Bernard and Henry Review

Still from Katherine Bernard's "Thirsty," via The WILD
Recently, I was reading The WILD magazine (a fashion/arts publication I really enjoy). I especially like their art section. A week or so ago, they'd posted a short video by writer Katherine Bernard, and a Q & A with her.

The video is called "Thirsty," and it portrays a conversation between two women while they are both shopping online for clothes. It's not a narrative at all--rather, it deconstructs the absurd language of clothing and branding. For example..."Look at the broken-boyfriend, in the soft Hickman wash," one of them says to the other, while a movie still of a beaten-up Leonardo DiCaprio flashes across the screen. "I actually like the destroyed boyfriend..." the other replies. HA. "Boyfriend" branding is a huge pet peeve of mine...why must a jacket belong to a man before it can belong to a woman? What is the appeal of borrowing/not owning a garment?

Please watch the video (just scroll down the page a little, and you'll see it). It's just a few minutes long, and completely hilarious and clever. The short Q & A is great, too.

After watching THAT video, I was pulled into the rabbit hole after Katherine Bernard, the director. She runs Henry Review, which is a video reading series. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

The short videos feature authors reading work into the camera (mostly work that they have written, but a few of them read work by someone else). There are also some short interviews up on the site.

The idea of an all-online reading series is pretty exciting to unites a few of my interests. The only thing I wish about the Henry site is that its videos were embeddable. I'd love to include them here, but they are only available on the site itself. I can understand why they'd made that decision (they need exclusive content for their site), but I always think that the more sharable things are, the more they will grow. I wonder if they'd ever make a few of the videos embeddable...that would work nicely, I think (like when print journals feature a few of their pieces online, and the rest are only available if you purchase the issue).

I noticed plenty of fiction readings on the site, which is nice...varying levels of comfort from the readers (which makes sense, of course, and I actually like). A standout for me was this video of poet Lizzy Straus reading her piece, "Signs You Are Really a Mermaid" (the image below is a still from that video). But I'd definitely recommend exploring all the videos and seeing what strikes your fancy (Kathleen Hanna reads on there, and Sigrid Nunez). Also....they are open for submissions! (I just may have to submit something, and hope some of you do, too).

Lizzy Strauss's reading on Henry Review