Monday, December 22, 2014

Field 3

Field 3

Copper has in its heart a fern becoming braver
All hearts have in them something green that
wants to get out If this is true then the field is
a manifestation of this expanse of earth’s modest
desires democratic and of the present If trees were
here we can be sure they’d be blabbing about the past
The soil beneath this field wishes to release history
whereas the woods just wants to be left alone to
dangle its memories under the light But anyway back
to the field A cage with no door An uncapped jar
A rug without a floor under it If you are ready
to see what you want you can come here In the crowd
of grasses hand in hand there is room for you yet

Friday, December 19, 2014

Reading Recommendations?

I have learned to treasure book recommendations. Not just someone's mild tweet or positive rating--but when someone tells me, "You absolutely must read THIS."

Over the holidays, I love to catch up on my reading for pleasure (even typing this makes me feel rather giddy). So, lovely readers and friends...what have you read that you feel compelled to praise or share? Please and thanks.

A few of the books I read and LOVED LOVED LOVED this year: Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Good Squad; Leslie Jamison's The Empathy Exams, Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, and Lesle Lewis's A Boot's a Boot.

Spotted in San Francisco, near City Lights Bookstore!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fellow Feeling

Fellow Feeling

Lit up pub in the dark big world
we are all we have left now
which is why I can feel my glass leaning
its wet shoulder into the shoulder
of your glass This is a place of pressing
up against one another Together let us
shred the labels from every bottle
Call it fellow feeling Call it taking turns
behind the bar The heel of my boot
is tingling so I take it into my hand
Everyone knows this song so come on
sing it This is the house of glowing
votives You cannot see the floor
because there is no floor For each
friend another bar stool orbiting
an arm’s length away Less even

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Whatever Hops Into Your Hand Will Hop Out

Whatever Hops Into Your Hand Will Hop Out

You can fancy yourself a friend to the animals
as I do and still trust me they will never
tell you in a human language what they have said
to one another

For this they are not stupid I am certain that we are

The superpower I long for is to sit with an animal
and ask her questions

and listen to the truest secrets of our world

Tuesday, December 16, 2014



To walk back toward winter
you will have to pass
the pink-veined magnolia petals

You will destroy the tulips and pansies
as you walk on them for there is nowhere
else to walk

The living branches will fall around you
You will take your axe to the sleigh bed
and the piano for firewood

You will gather in a box whatever you would save
from a fire
and it will still burn

You will walk into the cold
and when you find winter you will know it
by its light